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About Us

Since 1996, Telsama has been exporting several different springs, wire forms and pressings to specifications, drawings and special parts made from almost any material to industrial partners at home.

This success story is based on the fact that we have a very good knowledge of the most important procurement markets in Europe and USA.

With raw material, labor and delivery costs increasing, it is inevitable that MANUFACTURING COMPANIES IN THE EUROPE AND USA ARE FINDING IT DIFFICULT TO MAINTAIN THEIR PROFIT MARGINGS.

Much less survive in what is fast becoming a global marketplace cost reduction pressure has resulted in 61% of manufacturing firms transferring jobs or purchasing of materials to lower cost countries like Turkey.

How Can We Help You?

Are you searching for a spring solution? Then you are on the right way with us! We are manufacturers and exporters of spring, wire forms and custom made pressings. from small batch quantities to volume productions.

We provide solutions

 to spring and wire shape design, performance, packaging and delivery problems, and welcome small medium and large volume enquiries from all industries, with particular emphasis on customer / supplier partnerships, along with scheduled delivery contracts.

 We Want Your Business

And we believe we can provide a MUCH SUPERIOR SERVICE than you may currently enjoy. Telsama Metal  understand and believe that their customers deserve QUALITY, OUTSTANDING SERVICE, AND THE VERY HIGHEST LEVEL OF CUSTOMER CARE in order for that customer to succeed.

As partners in profit, we are able to carry stock of your parts in our warehouse. This allows you to REDUCE YOUR STOCK and enjoy a shorter lead time from order to delivery.

More importantly, our prices are EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE and you will most certainly enjoy a reduction on the prices of springs or wire shapes that you currently buy.

We offer BETTER TERMS than most suppliers.

More importantly, we guarantee we will LOOK AFTER YOU, keep in touch with you, react decisively if you have a concern, and ensure that the product we supply remains THE BEST AVAILABLE, at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE.


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